How-To Guides

A very miscellaneous collection of guides about how to do things. Mainly, how to get computers to do the things you want them to do.

(This section name pays homage to the long-standing tech tradition of “HOWTO” documents, which has often bloomed out into surprising topics such as Matt Might’s HOWTO: Get Tenure.)

Access CASA in Python without casapy
Activate a Conda Install Manually
Calculate Confidence Intervals for Poisson Processes with Backgrounds
Capture Video Efficiently on Linux
Change Variables in an Integral
Clean the wheels of an iRobot Braava jet 240 mop
Correctly Cancel Python Programs, According to the Shell
Debug PhantomJS Interactively
Embed a Jupyter Notebook on this Blog
Extend the Prompt in IPython (and jupyter console)
Extract Numbered Lines from a File with sed
Find out What Version of casacore is Used in a CASA Release
Fix broken conda(-forge) compilers on MacOS
Fix Mysteriously Dying Windows Programs
Install Astropy and JupyterLab
Install a rubygem Globally
Make Delicious Hot Chocolate
Make Hale Pele’s Mai Tai Cocktail
Make a Laka’s Nectar Cocktail
Make a Sazerac Cocktail
Manage Flickr Guest Passes
Manipulate the X Clipboard from the Command Line
Match Up a Histogram and a Normal Distribution
Navigate a Reveal.JS Presentation
Print to the reMarkable Cloud from a Fedora computer
Publish Landscape-oriented Tables With emulateapj on ArXiv
Rescue the Main Disk Partition of a Fedora Machine from Filesystem Errors
Sample from a Gaussian Process
Screencast from Linux to Apple TV
Set Up a Windows Development VM
Set Up Windows Terminal for Conda Bash
Stop Google Chrome from Using So Much Bandwidth at the CfA
Take a 2D weighted average in Numpy
Use SSH Connection Sharing
Do a Yankee Swap