Make a Sazerac Cocktail

Sazeracs are so good. Surprisingly, when I did some recipe research, I didn’t find anything that really felt like it worked well. Even the recipe from Imbibe, my usual go-to, came out feeling off. After some experimentation, here’s a version that comes pretty close to what I’m going for.



If using a single ¼ teaspoon measure, measure out two spoonfuls of the simple syrup into your mixing glass. (I dip the spoon into the simple, but pour the absinthe into the spoon — making sure to do the simple first means that we avoid cross-contamination.)

Measure the absinthe into the rocks glass. Swish it around.

Add the bitters, ice cube, and rye to the mixing glass. Stir briefly, about 10 seconds — the goal is to chill the liquid, but we’re not aiming to make it that cold.

Pour the contents of the mixing glass into the rocks class, except for the ice cube. Stir once or twice. Garnish if using. Serve.


I had to try a lot of things here.