Sneak Peek: daschlab

Recently I mentioned that I’ve been working on a Python package called daschlab, which will be the recommended analysis toolkit for DASCH data. It’s designed for interactive data exploration, so I thought that I’d make a video giving a sense of what it’s like.

Here it is!

I haven’t yet written up a lot of the needed documentation, but if you’re feeling adventurous you can play with it today. Besides local installation, this MyBinder link will load up a JupyterLab environment with daschlab installed. Any data that you download won’t persist, but you should be able to try a few things out.

There‘s also some API reference documentation, but these docs are intentionally low-level; there no installation instructions, tutorials, etc. That kind of stuff will end up on the main DASCH website.

In the course of making this video I went through my quasi-annual revisitation of what it takes to do efficient desktop video capture on Linux; a lot of that stuff is extremely hardware- and distribution- specific, but if you want to see what a glutton for punishment I am, the gory details are documented on my Capture Video Efficiently on Linux and Get a Standardized Browser Window HOWTOs.

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