Thursday Again

As usual, not a lot of time to do research today. Star Formation lecture was good though, and the pre-colloquium tea was quite well-received — we picked up a bunch of generically wacky Asian snacks from the local Chinese supermarket. I spent a couple of hours generating a quick image of 3c48 at 5 GHz for Geoff for a proposal he’s working on. It wasn’t beautiful, and it’s just a point source to begin with, but it apparently is good enough for his purposes. That didn’t leave time to talk to Mel about automated flagging though.

Had to leave colloquium early to try to prepare for remote observing on the Nickel tonight. (A shame, since the colloquium was about blowing up killer asteroids with nuclear bombs.) The weather was bad, though, and we never opened. After 8:00 PM or so the 3 meter control room stopped picking up the phone, so I assume they quit for the night, which forced us to do the same. Can’t say I’m too upset about that overall.