Qual: Previous Work

(Deadline blown, quasi-intentionally; some work on the Cyg X-3 lightcurve project has become higher-priority as we’ve realized that the summer is coming to an end …)

What have I been doing for the past four years, anyway? The usual approach to this portion of the qual seems to ignore classes, teaching, and outreach, so we’ll skip those.

Exoplanets Work🔗

In my first few years, I did some observing for Geoff Marcy’s group, which led to coauthorships on a few papers:

I gained some great optical observing experience from this involvement but don’t think it’s worth treating in any depth.

ATA Broadband Spectra🔗

My first major ATA project culminated in Williams & Bower 2010, a study of the broadband spectra of three starforming galaxies in an attempt to understand the physical underpinnings of the FIR/radio correlation of starforming galaxy emission. Here’s a bibliography of some relevant theoretical and observational work:

ATA Infrastructure🔗

In the course of working on the broadband spectra project, I also spent a lot of time developing various pieces of the ATA infrastructure and data analysis chain, mostly in the form of software: