Keepin’ On

Didn’t do too much research work today, but accomplished a few things. Talked with my officemate Jeff and we may be teaching Astronomy 300, the how-to-be-a- TA class, together. Unfortunately, I don’t have much experience in the main thrust of the class — how to TA introductory astro — but I’d try to help out and could probably play a decent supporting role.

Then I officially submitted an ATA proposal on behalf of a team working out of Australia. This kind of felt like “let’s just have the grad student do it”, but it took about half an hour, so I’m not complaining too much.

Then, Planet Formation, in which once again the authors of theory papers gloss over all sorts of important-seeming details and make a ton of assumptions. I guess that’s how you get theory done but it makes me might uncomfortable.

Then, finally, some work on BBS data reduction. The basic analysis tasks are implemented, so now I think I need to go back and actually get flagging going. That will be kind of interesting, but also kind of annoying as I still haven’t cooked up a scheme that I’m happy with. At least now I have the ability to easily check the end results as I work, which will hopefully keep me on track.