Prep Work

This weekend I cleaned up some of my Python code for processing MIRIAD data. Garrett Keating has been doing some work on RFI flagging similar to mine, but he’s been using C shell and was running into speed and language problems. I wrote a small module that lets you get at the raw data as straightforwardly as possible, and I’m hopeful that he’ll find it all useful. He’s not used to a Python/Numpy environment, though, so I’m curious how easy it’ll be for him to pick up. I hope that the barrier isn’t tall.

I also spent a tiny bit of time thinking about what I need to do to get my next broadband spectra project rolling. I’ve been blocking on meeting with Eliot and Geoff to talk over some ideas, but it’s easy to get distracted while waiting for things like that to happen. Need to keep my eyes on the prize.