Welcome to 2008

Oh man. If only I had been on vacation for the past three weeks.

I sort of was, but there was a lot of time spent working on my poster for AAS. The time spent can be broken down into three sequential chunks:

  1. Doing science so that you have something to put on the poster.
  2. Putting things on the poster.
  3. Showing your poster, and the things you have put on it, to other people.

This last step took place at the AAS meeting in Austin, TX, which was fun but tiring, and I have to admit not especially scientifically productive. But, still, fun.

And now my prelim is in just under three weeks, so it’s time to switch gears and start prepping for that. Today was reading old prelim questions and making a moderately detailed outline of my cosmology notes since it’s been a long time since the class and I like having an overview of the different topics I need to worry about.