… of phases, that is. My phases have bizarre closure properties. This makes me sad, since my data look very good, but the bizarre closures mean that I suspect they are largely useless. Unless I can figure out what’s going on in the data, but again the closure properties are bizarre precisely because I’ve spent a while thinking about what might be causing what I’m seeing and I’m not coming up with much. Fortunately there are many people who know more about these things than I do and I am allowed to ask them questions.

I guess the end of last week must have been spent on more ATA/AAS stuff. Don’t quite remember what specifically I did though. I’ve still been working on my data piecemeal to fix the obvious problems without having done the work to get a basic end-to-end pipeline going. Tsk tsk, violating my own Astro 120 advice. If I can just find a dataset that doesn’t have glaring problems, I’ll get the end-to-end going ASAP, since the deadlines are approaching.