Clock is Ticking

Only one more Wednesday left this semester. This one was especially nuts: got in just in time for Star Formation lecture; a bit of downtime before the CIPS seminar; about an hour of work until shopping for tea, then directly downstairs for the last 120 observing session until now.

Got a little bit of work done on my idea of tracking spectral phase standard deviations to find when antennas go bad, as part of the larger autoflagging campaign. After a few iterations I think I have a solution that’s pretty decent though a little uglier than I’d like. At least, I can’t come up with a thrillingly elegant way to take a standard deviation in a modular space. I need to sanity-check my results a lot more but I at least generated a plot that looked the way I was hoping by the end of the night. As always, tomorrow will be busy, but hopefully I’ll get a chance to keep on pushing this strand.