The Late Shift

Wrapping up an observing run from the basement of Campbell for 120. Looks like we got some good data; took us a little while to get going (missed twilight flats) but after then it was pretty much smooth sailing. Nice to see. There were some weird large amplitude fluctuations over the course of the night, but hopefully those weren’t symptomatic of a real technical or meteorological issue.

I actually got a couple of things done, work-wise. Wrote up a draft checklist for remote Nickel ops and read a bit about star formation. But more importantly, I caught up on last week’s episode of The Office.

Oh, Friday was pretty much a non-day from catching up on sleep from the previous night’s Lick run and watching baseball in the afternoon. And Thursday was a non-day from the aforementioned Lick run. (Not that we got any data; clouded out and got home at 1:00 AM or so.) Remote observing ain’t a bad gig, I have to say.