I have a feeling Tuesday nights are going to be long nights this semester. There are still undergrads up in the lab working on 120.

This morning, I implemented sorta-correct aperture photometry and got a halfway-decent lightcurve. Noisy, to be sure, but a visible 1% transit, and at the right time and stuff. So that’s good. I rewarded myself by spending a little bit of time on improving my 2D array displaying module. It is pretty cool now: you can change the scaling and clamping via a UI now. The only other thing that I’d like to add is slicing, which might block on infrastructure improvements to OmegaPlot.

I also quickly banged out a list of ATA antenna gains, plus or minus large percentages. Not a finished piece of work by any means, but something I can iterate on in spare hours here and there, I think.

Then donuts at 4, then a little more coding, then five and a half hours in the Cudaback lab. Hence the “oof”.