Defeat From the Jaws of Victory

Changed my ATA proposal somewhat significantly, then sent it off two minutes before the official deadline. My understanding is that since Geoff is traveling, the actual deadline is more flexible, but I figure that it doesn’t hurt to honor appearances. Probably not the most thorough thing ever, but Josh Peek kindly looked it over and didn’t seem to think that there was anything disastrously wrong with it. And I trust Josh.

Then tried to work out which transit data the students would be using for their transit photometry lab, which led to the question of which transits they’d actually be observing, which turned out to be subtler than I thought. Everything should work out, though.

Then I saw the Sox blow a five-run lead in the eighth in a five-hour game. Fuck, fuck, fuck. So frustrating.

Edit: Jesus Christ: “paragraph of text. Short declarative summary sentence.” I am the worst writer ever.