Not much

Didn’t put in a lot of hours today. Looked at gains that I derived for a large number of ATA antennas (23 in XX, 11 in YY) but decided that there were too many numbers for it to be worth looking at things on a per-antenna basis just yet. So I started inverting the selfcal’ed data into images and looking at the residuals as a quick check of whether the selfcal results are plausible. For some FX8’s, the results are pretty good, while for others, not so much. But didn’t get the chance to investigate too closely the not-so-good ones, besides seeing that at least the residuals didn’t have any suspicious structure.

Then I left to watch the Giants play, and came back at 1:00 AM to pick up my bike to go home and write a blog entry, because that is how I roll.