August 31, 2003

big weeds keep on growin'...


proud mary keeps on...somethin'. no shit, at 36 inches tall, these are really weeds. what's even funnier is they are practically the only thing growing in the yard. it's been a dry, dry summer in milwaukee. i don't have the heart to pull these guys, since they're real survivor-types, and i admire that. also because the neighbors look at them with disdain, and it's pretty funny.

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August 29, 2003

they are paying me for this?


underneith the crazy upside-down building today was pat mccurdy performing for all the employees and clients of the company. why? it was like a harley party, not that pat is particularly a harley guy, and people were allowed to wear their harley clothes to work (not that i did that, since i don't have any). it was fun, and to my surprise pat even sang his sex and beer song, and also showed us about 10 creative ways to give someone the finger. despite the fact that this was some kind of corporate event and some peole even brought their kids. i was one of less than a handful of people who had ever heard his act before.

btw, the accoustics under (next to?) this building are great.


this is my new friend sean who also saw pat. he is a very outgoing guy, a smart techie/mac hippie, and an excellent photographer. you can see his stuff now since i added a link to his page in the sidebar.


here's me. i had very little to do at work today, since almost no one was there anyways and there were very few phone calls or anything. that's why i'm smiling.

i think this camera takes its best pictures outdoors in the shade. most other lighting situations aren't working out.

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August 25, 2003

shortest hair yet


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August 23, 2003

baseball is boring...


...that's why they have so much other stuff to look at. for example, i can look at this big yellow slide that the milwaukee brewers' mascot, bernie, slides down whenever there's a homerun or just for the hell of it.


or how about the awesome sausage race? talk about crowd pleaser. the polish sausage is in the lead followed by the hot dog. the italian is a good deal away and bringing up the rear (blurry with a green hat) in his liederhosen is die brat.


finally, another thing to look at is the fact that there are a ton of empty seats. there were just over 25,000 people in attendance tonight, and that's considered a good night, but there are still cobwebs growing on most seats.

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August 21, 2003

christmas in july


here's a nieghbor's decoration that seems to cover the the holidays of both christmas and independence day. that's so tasteful; why didn't i think of that?

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August 18, 2003

madison weekend


i went to madison last weekend. wish i could have seen more of you but it was limited time as it was! p.s. jamie: how did i manage to not take your picture? i must have got confused when you were taking pictures of my camera so you could show pat.


bus trips aren't so boring when you randomly run into people from chadbourne! here's amy and greg, and i am happy as ever to exchange stories and stuff. i swear, if you lived in chadbourne you are destined to run into those same people for, like, ever, which is actually kind of a cool thing.


nicki nicki! lookin' sharp with her super-blondness and spiffy glasses. but you live in st. paul now, oh so far away! at least i got to see you while you were helping your sister move in.


hey, doesn't that black dog on the terrace look totally dead? i swear it went the half hour i was watching it sans movement but the eye was open.

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August 15, 2003



i get to temp here the next two weeks, where everything is upside down. you have to wear velcro-bottomed shoes and they have all the carpeting so that it sticks. and if you pour yourself a glass of water, it immediately spills to the ceiing, and don't even ask me about going to the bathroom. it's a fun place but it really messes up your hair when you leave.


beautiful butterfly!

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August 14, 2003

nick loves mitty!


my brother is really fond of the cat, and she returns the affection as you can clearly see by the expression of pure joy on her face.

i actually picked up my brother at the badger bus depot last night, which was my very first time driving by myself! and even though it took me 4 tries to back out of the driveway, i made the whole trip without hitting anyone or anything. i am very proud of that.

also, i thought of more names we call mitty: kid, squeaker, black girl, tchotchke, double stuff, and precious.

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August 07, 2003

all dressed up...


...and nowhere to go. thanks to a shopping expedition to woodfield mall in illinois, i got this fabulous ralph lauren dress (thanks to jen for being a savvy fashion advisor!).


jen also hooked me up with a jazzy hello kitty phone-thingy, which lights up like a rave in my purse when the phone rings. also a lot of fun, but only when i get calls (hint, hint)!

hey, speaking of shopping trips, you know where i want to go? i couldn't sleep last night (what a surprise) so i was watching after-midnight pbs, which is a potpourri of weirdness, and they had some show about tourist bargain buys. there's this one place in scottsboro, alabama called the Unclaimed Baggage Center, and you can rummage through lots of people's stuff: palm pilots, clothes, cameras, whatever, and buy what you want. The best part is, you can wonder at what made the person decide to leave their luggage there. Maybe some of them died, or maybe it was somehow the airline's fault, but does anyone really FORGET their baggage?

Anyways, anyone want to go down there with me sometime?

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August 05, 2003

suburban assault


notice how my dad's motor vehicle is almost as big as his house? that's not an accident, folks.

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August 04, 2003

mitty kitty


mitty close up!


in front of the house.


she loves to chew on green plants and lick the water off leaves after it rains.

mitty, the family cat, is over 16 years old. she is fun in a cranky old woman sort of way. she's acquired numerous nicknames including bing, bing-bing, bingsy, stinker, fuzzy bear, fuzz, bigdog, bonkers, sweaty, browser, paws, claws, princess, and miggy kiggy.

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August 03, 2003

two birds with one stone


hi. this is my weblog. i don't really get the point; since i have no life, what is there to share with anyone? also, i value my privacy. but numerous of you have requested this anyway, so here it is.

today is the first day i have worked on a weblog (although i also have a poorly maintained personal homepage that i don't even use for my homepage), and it is also the first day i have had a (working) digital camera.

let me know if there are any requests for what you'd like to see.

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