I’m the Innovation Scientist of the Center for Astrophysics and the American Astronomical Society. I help other astronomers do research better and faster. You can find out more on my About Me page, and you can contact me on Twitter as @pkgw or at peter@newton.cx.

Latest news:

Creating Interactive Figures with the New AAS Timeseries Tool

Electronic publishing makes it possible to convey scientific content not just with static images but with interactive, exploratory visualizations. This is a big opportunity to improve the way we do science! So, the American Astronomical Society (AAS, publisher of the Astrophysical Journal, the Planetary Science Journal, and others) is working to make it as easy as possible to include “interactive figures” in your articles. This year AAS is launching new Jupyter-based tools to help you create interactive figures for two common data types: timeseries and sky images. With our recent announcement of the aas-timeseries package, I thought I’d write up the end-to-end workflow for making and submitting interactive figures with these new tools.

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Fast synchrotron calculations with neural networks: neurosynchro