June 09, 2004


<******picture coming soon******>

...not to mention the rest of my stuff? well the answer to that is: on may 20th my apartment was broken into. between owen, marissa and i, they got 2 laptops, 2 cameras, a video camera, a portable mp3 player, jewelry, my frickin' samsung phone charger, 2 backpacks, marissa's posterpedic (or whatever the word is) shoes, our change jar, and the wireless card and mouse that were in my computer. oh yeah, and 4 checkbooks, 2 of which were mine. well just yesterday, i discovered they have tried to use them. don't worry, it's not something i am liable for paying, because i had immediately closed my accounts and put a fraud alert on my credit lines and social security number and all that, but the inconvenience is huge. but still, it sucks to be a(nother) victim of identity theft, especially when the boston police treat you like a pesky fly.

anyway, i will write more about this later, but this is just an explanation for why my web page has not had an entry for the past month. see above picture and note missing laptop, although this is what my desk looked like after i cleaned it up and put it back against the wall (they had pulled it out and messed up all the stuff on it.) did i mention that i have NO BACKUPS? so the loss is truly huge for me. i know, i know, i'm the one responsible for making backups. sigh.

more on a lot of these topics later.

Posted by char at June 9, 2004 07:36 AM