August 15, 2004

wow my web page completely blows.

gee i haven't posted anything here for so long that when i went to it there were no entries. this is most likely because i got a case of the lazies, but actually it's because i'm not really sure what to put on it, and then when i do have time to work on it, there are so many things missing that it's kinda overwhelming. like those college classes where you don't do that week's reading, and find yourself behind for the rest of the semester, until on exam week you finally realize how long it's been since you even LOOKED at the syllabus. of course by then if you're wise you've dropped theh class already. what was i talking about? oh yeah. so i apologize for those of you who expected better things out of this page. maybe one day i will post again once i get the pictures on my phone downloaded to my computer.

Posted by char at August 15, 2004 05:27 PM