April 13, 2004

a little fun sans sun


from left to right: me, owen, mike, ragnar, marissa and jesse. have you ever eaten sushi and greasy tempura at half past 3am? here's some folk who have. i was so exhausted from this night out that it took me this long to recover and update my webpage...wow!


just the girls!


owen bowls, candlepin style. for those who are unfamilar, candlepin bowling is like regular bowling except for a few scoring things. it does not involve candles or anything on fire or anything cool like that. i like it because you get 3 bowls per turn instead of 2 for "regular" bowling, but it didn't exactly help since i got last place anyhow. but it's the fun that counts!

Posted by char at April 13, 2004 10:20 PM