reveal.js + d3po = ooh ahh

A quick hack.

see last slide for credits

What’s going on here?

These days it’s possible to make slides for a scientific talk in HTML. This very short example is built with reveal.js.

You can also use HTML to make fancy interactive graphics with toolkits like d3.

Borrowing from the d3po dotAstro hack and putting them together, your scientific talk can have fancy interactive graphics!

(reveal.js supports:

  • off-screen presenter console with notes
  • useful PDF export
  • possibility of embedding PDF figures
  • decent equations with MathJax)

Known bug: mouse clicks are offset in Chrome; they’re fine in Firefox. I don’t know if d3po has the same issue.

Ooh, ahh.

Click and fiddle!


A hack piled on d3po and my sample HTML5 scientific talk slides.

d3po: A. M. Price-Whelan · J. E. G. Peek · E. R. Newton · M. Borkin · J. Allen · R. Angus · D. Muna · T. Staley

this hack: P. K. G. Williams

tech: reveal.js, d3.js, git, Firefox developer tools.

design: Hakim El Hattab (“night” theme), Julieta Ulanovsky (Montserrat font), Steve Matteson (Open Sans font).