March 14, 2004

cute girlz


this is marissa, who is our new roommate, and i at some japanese restaurant in brookline with owen (not pictured...other side of table!). we cute girlz were also gonna go clubbing tonight but it's so cold that we don't want to get all dolled up and be freezing. when does spring get here in this city again? it snowed on the 12th, so i am hesitant to put away my big sweaters. but supposedly i fit in better if i complain about the weather instead of doing the wisconsin thing which is saying "if you don't like the weather, wait a minute."

marissa is checkin' the scene for dashing young men over 6 feet tall and fit and preferably with brown hair and brownish-green eyes. messy hempmeister skaters ok. (ha!) if you are mr. right(now) shoot me an email and i'll be sure to forward it to her.

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March 11, 2004

not much, you?


this entry is because i hadn't made an entry yet for march. life has been boring pretty much, involving watching queer eye and law & order, and going to the gym. i have been doing some office temping, which is mostly non-stimulating and doens't pay fabulously either, but i've read lots of cosmo that way out of desperation. i didn't get accepted to wpi, so so much for bettering my sad life through education. i've had some job interviews but nothing panned out (what's new?) i wish something cool would happen in appropriate lighting for my camera.

today's photo is the "hub pub" downtown. i just like words that end in -ub because sigmund's nickname is zub and the nickname for his little house is the hub. so owen and i say things like, "let's go get sub club sub stubs from zub's subs, where zub snubs non-zub's sub club sub stubs. then we'll go to zub's hub pub for grub."

"the hub" is also a nickname for boston for those of you readers from brewtown, the windy city, the sticks, or elsewhere. anyone want to meet for drinks at the hub pub?

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